how you can make a difference

driving the medical shuttle

The are many people in our community who find it difficult to attend medical appointments and treatments. This may be for a host of reasons; family support isn’t available; physical limitations; unreliability of taxi service etc.
The BEIT RAFAEL Medical Shuttle offers reliable and safe transportation to all medical appointments. Your role will be to assist the patient into the Shuttle - no lifting required. The Medical Shuttle has an electronically operated car seat which transforms into a wheelchair, offering a comfortable option for those experiencing physical difficulties.
On occasion, you may remain at the appointment for a short stay and then return the patient home. Other times you may leave the patient and return at a later stage to collect them for the return home. You may also, on other occasions, perform just one way transport and another volunteer will assist with their pick-up.


There can be instances where the hospitalised patient requires company during the course of the day.
You can also offer relief to the family members by giving them an opportunity to leave the hospital environment with the knowledge that their loved ones are being looked after.


There are circumstances where a last minute emergency admission to hospital may require relevant supplies to be delivered to an apartment. Your role is to ensure that the family is not inconvenienced and the supplies are delivered promptly.