Of course. BEIT RAFAEL® is available 24/7 – not just for Shabbat or Yom Tov.
You are welcome to stay for the duration of the person’s illness.
BEIT RAFAEL® is fully furnished, including a stocked fridge and pantry. All you need bring is your personal belongings. If you will have an extended stay we can chat about ongoing food requirements being supplied by your extended family or BEIT RAFAEL®.
Certainly, just fill out the Accommodation Form and submit that to us.
Anyone who has a medical appointment to attend e.g. doctor, x-ray, ophthalmologist, chemotherapy etc.
Generally 24 hours notice is sufficient.
With pleasure, just fill in the Medical Shuttle Booking Form and submit that to us.
Sure you can. We will fold your ‘walker’ or wheelchair and put it into the Medical Shuttle for you to use at your destination.
Not a problem. There certainly is room in the Medical Shuttle for you and your spouse / carer.