This specialised vehicle is used to assist community members who require transport to attend medical appointments, such as doctors, chemotherapy, dialysis, x-ray etc.

A special feature of this shuttle is an electronically operated car seat which transforms to a wheelchair, ensuring those who have difficulty in walking or gaining access to a car can be transported easily and safely.

patient advocacy

Medical advice given to a patient can at times be confusing and overwhelming, particularly in complex conditions.

BEIT RAFAEL® will assist by providing suitably qualified professionals to accompany the patient, and/or family, to all consultations. This ensures all information received from the medical specialist is noted, so as to provide a clear basis for future decision making.

In addition, when medical advice has been received and the patient/family is unsure of which path to take, BEIT RAFAEL® will liaise with health professionals both in Australia and overseas, to provide medical opinions to substantiate the course of treatment.


Conveniently positioned across the street from The Royal Children’s Hospital is a self-contained fully furnished apartment, including foodstuffs.

It is available at no charge to members of the community. This apartment’s location also assists those families who have loved ones receiving treatment at The Royal Melbourne and The Royal Women’s Hospitals.


At any given time, the Cabrini Hospital has a large number of Jewish patients and so this apartment located directly opposite the hospital, aids families who have a relative there.


This BEIT RAFAEL® apartment, a two bedroom fully furnished unit, stocked with foodstuffs, is located opposite the Monash Medical Centre. This apartment serves the current hospital as well as The Monash Children’s Hospital.


Conveniently located opposite the Alfred Hospital, this apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. As with all the other three locations, it is a fully furnished unit including foodstuffs. Whether it be for a surgical procedure or chemotherapy treatment, BEIT RAFAEL will assist your family during this traumatic period.


We are able to provide, on a loan basis, a wide range of mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, walkers etc.
as well as other items such as shower chairs and stools, ‘over the toilet’ frames etc.

If you require something specific that isn’t listed, please inquire as to how we may assist.
Please call BEIT RAFAEL® on 0421 408 522 anytime 24/7.


Wheel Walker


Pick up Frame

Over toilet Frame

Toilet Surround Frame

Bed Cradle

Transfer Bench

Shower Chair

Shower Stool


Just before Rosh Hashonah 2016, the SHABBOS BOX® initiative was introduced. The SHABBOS BOX® is a gift pack containing electric candles, challah rolls and salt, grape juice with a Kiddush cup, chocolates, cake etc. which is distributed each Friday before Shabbos, or prior to Yom Tov, to patients in Hospitals.

Friday night is a special time, and for Patients at the end of a week of procedures or tests, our Volunteers visiting, and leaving them the gift of a SHABBOS BOX® simply lifts their spirits and morale, bringing smiles and sometimes tears, that say “you are thinking about me …”. This initiative has been very warmly received by Patients.


Do you have a loved one in Hospital ? Are your other family commitments keeping you from spending quality time with them ?

Our Volunteers, who have a Working With Children check together with a Victoria Police check, are happy to keep your family member company when you cannot be there.

Give us a call so that we may assist.